Botox: More Than a Cosmetic Treatment

TMD Pain? Botox Could HelpMost everyone has heard of Botox as a cosmetic treatment, to address facial lines and wrinkles. For years, women and men have used it to look younger. But did you know that Botox can also be used to help alleviate muscle pain, such as that caused by TMJ issues, like Tempormandibular Joint Disorder? If you have been suffering from stiffness through your jaw, or difficulty chewing, Botox might be able to help you address that discomfort and get back to enjoying your life once again.

Suffering from Jaw Pain? Could TMD Be to Blame?

If you have been diagnosed with TMD, or suspect you may have issues related to your Tempormandibular Joints, your dentist may be able to help. Common symptoms of TMD include soreness or stiffness in the jaw or neck, pain or clicking noise in the ears, particularly when opening the mouth, an inability to open the mouth widely or pain when trying to do so, headaches, and even teeth grinding.

How Is TMD Treated?

In some cases, an oral appliance could be recommended to help prevent the teeth grinding, but this alone cannot address the other symptoms of TMD. Botox, however, can help to relax the muscles that are tensing up and causing you discomfort.

Botox is administered by an injection, the results of which can be almost immediate. They also can last up to several months, making it possible for some patients to effectively treat their TMD with only a few visits to the dentist each year.


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