Do You Suffer from Jaw Pain? Botox Might Be Able to Help

Could Botox Treat Your TMD?Have you been dealing with headaches, jaw pain, ringing in your ears, or even problems sleeping? If so, these symptoms and more could be caused by a condition commonly referred to as TMJ. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMD, is a condition that affects the jaw joints and surrounding muscles. TMD can make it difficult to chew comfortably, and for some, it can even make opening the mouth and speaking uncomfortable or downright painful. For many patients, TMD can also lead to subconscious teeth grinding, a condition known as bruxism, which can cause problems for both the jaw and the teeth. Fortunately, your dentist may be able to help alleviate your pain and restore your jaw’s proper function through the use of Botox.

What Is TMD and How Can Botox Help?

While Botox is commonly referred to as a cosmetic treatment, it actually has medical implications as well. By injecting the facial muscles with Botox, the dentist may be able to almost immediately alleviate your discomfort and soreness associated with TMJ disorders. By treating the TMD symptoms, Botox may also be able to help prevent bruxism, which can cause excessive wear of the teeth, eventually leading to the need for restorative treatment or extraction. Untreated bruxism can also cause a number of problems, including irritability and headaches.

Botox helps by helping to relax the strained muscles, which can in turn help the jaw to rest more comfortably.

Is Botox Treatment Right for You?

Whether you have already been diagnosed with TMD and have been unable to find effective treatments, or are currently suffering from jaw pain, without understanding why, your dentist might be able to provide a fast and effective solution, through the use of Botox.


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