Q&A: Do I Need Botox Treatment?

womanwonderingyellowAre you suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD), a dental health issue that occurs when your jaw joints aren’t doing very well? Perhaps your TMJs are functioning poorly, feeling uncomfortable, and resulting in significant or spreading pain. Whatever the case, if you have heard about Botox treatment for TMD, you may wonder whether you need this solution, if you have other options, and how to determine whether you are actually suffering from TMD. Don’t worry – we are prepared to answer your questions.

Questions and Answers: Botox Treatment

Question: How do I know if I need Botox treatment or some other form of therapy for my TMD? Do I need to decide before I come into your practice for a visit?

Answer: This is not something you need to determine on your own. Instead, you need to set up an appointment with us to examine your smile. As a result of a detailed inspection of your oral health, we will then direct you toward the proper treatment, which may or may not include Botox.

Question: If I’m already undergoing oral appliance therapy but I’m still having some problems with TMD, can I rely on the appliance as well as Botox treatment? Or, do I have to choose one or the other?

Answer: You may use these two forms of therapy at the same time. The mouthguard will improve your TMD over time. The Botox will alleviate the severe discomfort you are experiencing in the meantime.

Question: How long is it going to take to achieve any sort of relief with Botox treatment? Will I need multiple treatments before I notice a difference?

Answer: Fortunately within just minutes you will begin to notice an improvement, which will continue.


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