Q&A: TMJ Botox Treatment Timeline

q&arainbowAre you interested in receiving Botox for TMJ treatment but you are not quite sure what to expect as far as the timeline goes? Perhaps you are worried that you will need multiple treatments to see a difference (you won’t – just one treatment offers effective relief). Maybe you are curious about how much time you will need to take off of work or whether it will last very long. Allow us to address these very common questions with a helpful question-and-answer session.

Questions and Answers: Botox Treatment

Question: I really want Botox for TMJ treatment but I’m worried I won’t be able to fit it into my very busy schedule. How long will it take until I notice some results?

Answer: Fortunately, just one visit that lasts only a few minutes to as little as 30 minutes will provide you with relief that begins almost immediately.

Question: How long will the results of the Botox for TMJ treatment last? Will I have to receive additional injections quite frequently?

Answer: Fortunately, the relieving effects of the treatment will generally last around four months. As a result, you may only require three treatments annually for comfortable TMJs.

Question: I’ve heard that it is common to end up with some obvious signs that I have just received Botox for TMJ treatment. How long will I have to walk around with a bruise or other visual changes?

Answer: Any redness or obvious signs you have had treatment should subside within just 24 hours or so. With careful planning, you can receive treatment without it interrupting your appearance during work or school.


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