TMJ Disorder Symptoms: What You Should Know

symptomsHave you been thinking that you might be suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD) because a friend or family member mentioned that your symptoms match this oral health concern? Are you interested in finding out more about whether Botox or other treatment might help because you are certainly tired of the discomfort – but you aren’t even sure that TMD is affecting your oral health? Let’s get started by going over the essential details.

About Symptoms

To begin, let’s go over the common symptoms of TMJ disorder, so you can begin narrowing down the possibility that it is affecting you. Common symptoms include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Your jaw makes noise when you move it (like a popping, grinding, or crackling sound)
  • You sometimes notice that your jaw seems to get stuck for a moment
  • You experience mild to severe discomfort in your TMJs, neck, shoulders, and/or back
  • You deal with daily headaches

Diagnosing The Problem

As you may have noticed, a sore neck and headaches are common to TMJ disorder – but they are also common to a variety of other health complaints. As a result, we suggest that you schedule a consultation to come in and speak with us. During your visit, you can expect a complete examination that will allow us to determine whether you’re dealing with TMD and how to respond.

TMD Treatment

You have multiple options for your TMD. Fortunately, we can begin with oral appliance therapy that will provide you with noninvasive treatment and relief – you will wear a mouthguard, simple as that! We also offer Botox treatment to alleviate significant discomfort.


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