3 Reasons To Visit Us For Botox

reasoncloudsAre you feeling like you most certainly need some kind of treatment for your TMJ disorder but you tend to remain conservative about making choices for your oral health? Like many patients, you may think to yourself that eventually your oral appliance therapy will provide significant relief, so you may as well tough it out. We are here to explain why it’s a good idea to choose Botox for TMJ treatment. A bit of motivation from the professionals can be quite helpful when you want to say, “Yes!” but aren’t certain about the extent of the benefits.

Reason #1: TMJ Problems Won’t Fix Themselves

You may think to yourself that as long as you are just careful and eventually begin (or keep up with) your oral appliance therapy, the symptoms will ease up. While this will happen eventually, remember that even gentle chewing can aggravate a serious case of TMD. You can easily eliminate frustration by achieving instant relief with Botox for TMJ treatment.

Reason #2: Symptoms Can Affect Your Daily Life

About the fact that chewing can negatively impact your TMD – the same is true for speaking and singing. Any movement from your jaw joints will promote the continuation of symptoms like pain, a popping jaw, headaches, and more. To relieve the radiating discomfort that has a strong, negative impact on your daily life, choose Botox for TMJ treatment, so you can go about your usual day in comfort.

Reason #3: It Won’t Interfere With Therapy

Worried that choosing Botox for TMJ treatment will somehow interfere with the progress you are making with oral appliance therapy? Good news: It won’t! You may use them together for immediate and long-term relief.


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