Botox For TMJ Treatment: Comfort Q&A

q&AfabricAre you curious about Botox for TMJ treatment? What’s your main thought at the moment? If you are anything like most of our patients, you wonder what the process is going to be like, if it’s really worth it, and how all of this is going to pan out when it comes to your comfort. Will it really address the discomfort caused by your TMJ disorder – and will the treatment itself feel okay? The answer is always that your comfort will be protected and generally improved – learn more about the specifics with a quick Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Botox and Comfort

Question: I know that to receive Botox for TMJ treatment, I need a small injection. Are you going to do anything to numb me first or is it something I just need to prepare to handle?

Answer: Yes, of course! Our goal is to treat you and to ensure the process is a gentle one. We will use a local, topical anesthetic before the injection, so you can relax and focus on the goal of alleviating your TMJ symptoms.

Question: How does the Botox for TMJ treatment help with my TMJ pain? Does it just act like a numbing agent?

Answer: No, it’s not a numbing agent. The Botox works by stopping the transmission of nerves throughout the treated muscles, which decreases their movement. Translation: Your muscles can relax! As a result, you will enjoy a great amount of relief.

Question: Is my jaw going to be sore after the injection? What will I do after I return home?

Answer: You may experience a bit of soreness at the site of the injection – you may simply place a cold pack over the affected area when you arrive home to remain comfortable.


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